LeDuc and Wiard prove why they’re the best …


Congrats to coach Mike LeDuc (Glendora boys hoops) and Richard Wiard (Amat girls hoops) for correctly selecting Florida to win the NCAA tourney. This is the second time in the past three years both coaches have been right. Granted, they picked the chalk, but a win is a win … and you wonder why they’re best two basketball minds in the SGV. Also, congrats go out to sports writer Brian Baiotto, who also picked Florida and saved some face for those of us on this side of the sideline.

Minor awards go out to Bassett’s Rick Ronquillo and Rowland’s Gordon “Boom Boom” Hamlow, who picked Ohio State. Also, on some sick level, Fred Robledo and myself get a little kudos for picking semifinalist UCLA. Eh, maybe not.

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