Did anybody see De La Hoya/Mayweather 24/7 Part II?

Just hang loose, blood. HBO needs to subtitle Floyd Sr. and Roger Mayweather.

Pretty Boy Thug’s doctor said something like “I get mad whenever people say or write things about Floyd, because that’s not the Floyd we know in everyday life.” Pardon us, Doc. We have no clue why anybody would say the things they do. Let’s see – we’ve seen Pretty Boy Thug admit he stole De La Hoya’s bag, act like an ass at every press conference, praise an uncle who spits jive about the OJ trial right after he gets off for something that should’ve had him banned and have 49-cents riding around his house on a scooter. This hip-hop lifestyle stuff is really wearing thin. It’s not because I’m getting old, it’s just because it’s so over the top. I hope Oscar can be a figher just once and drop this chump.

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