ANSWERS: Los Altos vs. Bishop Amat (Ahh, the beauty of blogs) …

I guess it’s just part of my job to be able to get ahold of coaches at the push of a button. Here’s what they said …

Mark Verti, Bishop Amat

Why don’t you play Los Altos?: “I don’t know. I’m not sure.”
Can you understand why fans would want to see it?: “I can understand why, it’s two local schools with local fans. It’s two schools with good tradition. It just hasn’t happened. If we played Los Altos every year, I don’t think it would be a big deal. It’s just that we haven’t played in the past and people want to see it. They’re a great program. It makes sense, but it hasn’t happened.”
Would you consider playing Los Altos in the future?:” I never say never on anything. We sign two-year contracts with schools. When they’re up, we sign with new schools.”

Greg Gano, Los Altos

Why don’t you play Bishop Amat?: “I don’t know, that’s a good question. I’ve never talked to Coach Verti about playing. Coach DiFiori called one year and our matchups didn’t matchup. It’s never been that they pursued us or we pursued them.”
Can you understand why fans would want to see it?: “They (fans) would want to see it. They’re (Amat) still the premier school in the Valley. Who’s ever denied that? We have a lot of respect for those guys.”
Would you consider playing them in the future?: “If it worked out on our schedule, we wouldn’t duck them and they wouldn’t duck us either.”

Aram Tolegian,

I want to thank both coaches for answering these questions. And I want everyone on here to appreciate both coaches for playing along and being honest. It’s an interesting proposition to be sure. I think both coaches kind of agree that fans are making a bigger deal out of this than what there really is. But then again, that’s what we are – fans. That’s what fans do. And I think that both coaches understand that.

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