Shrine Game canceled ….

First of all, I blame you. We’ll get back to that in a second. I wrote an article today that ran in all three of our publications. I suggest you read it. Basically, the Shrine Game is taking a year break due to a lack of orginization. Supposedly, this is only a year break and not an altogether cancellation of the event. But if you’ve been tracking the game’s recent struggles – poor attendance, limited TV coverage and controversial selection process – you know that it’s unfortunately on its last leg. It will be a very sad day in SoCal high school football if the Shrine Game becomes extinct. And who’s to blame for all of this? Well, to be blunt, everyone is at fault. Fans for not attending. Players for not playing. Game organizers for not running things properly i.e. changing with the times. Did you go to last year’s game? I did. It was at Citrus College. I don’t think I saw you there because I truly didn’t see anyone there. I do know that I saw some players on the roster who weren’t legit all-stars. Second team all-leaguers selected to play because of connections or coaching preference. So what can be done to revive a game that used to get massive crowds decades ago? I got a call today from Jay Johnstone, who read my article. He’s interested in taking a shot at preserving this part of SoCal sports history. Will anybody else step up?

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