Do you guys want LIVE BLOGGING again tomorrow night?

It’s Amat Time in the desert. Wait, is Riverside the desert?

I shouldn’t put down Riverside, because truth is I probably couldn’t afford to live there either. Anyway, I want to know from the Amat fans ARE YOU GUYS GONNA MAKE YOUR WAY EAST ON THE 10 MANANA AND PICK UP YOUR CHAMPIONSHIP? I want to hear from you LancerNuts. I better see nothing but blue out there and a bunch of “A” bumper stickers in the parking lot.

ALSO: Do you guys want the live blogging again tomorrow? I can see it got some hits tonight, but Saturday’s can be tricky. Plus, I’m gonna have Fred bugging me the whole time. Anyway, let me know and I’ll go to Riverside packing (that’s sports writer lingo for bringing a lap top).

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