The Chargers win the pennant! The Chargers win the pennant!


11:02: Predictably, I got lost. Even a call from Big Reg (Time Warner Cable Television) couldn’t help me find my way back without getting a tour of L.A. that I didn’t want.

Bot 7th: Garkow gets Santa Monica 1-2-3. CHARTER OAK WINS THE CIF-SS DIVISION IV CHAMPIONSHIP, 7-1.

Top 7th: CO puts up nothing, but does it matter? CO leads 7-1.

Bot 6th: Garkow has been nails. Santa Monica can’t get to him consistently. CO survives another inning. THREE MORE OUTS AND THE TITLE IS THEIR’S. CO leads 7-1.

Top 6th: Add two more runs to CO’s tally. McVey and Nyeholt have absolutely brutalized Santa Monica. This game might be out of reach now. CO leads 7-1.

Bot 5th: No problema – Santa Monica goes 1-2-3. Chargers six outs away!!! CO leads 5-1.

Top 5th: 1-2-3 go the Chargers. CO leads 5-1.

Bot 4th: Huge! Santa Monica loaded the bases with two outs, but Garkow got a groundout to escape. Nine more outs and we got ourselves a CHAMPION! CO leads 5-1.

Top 4th: Nick Torres singled in Nyeholt and McVey for a 5-1 lead. Torres got in a run down between 1st and 2nd and somehow made it back to 1st before the throw. Things are going CO’s way. They can put this game away with another big inning. CO leads 5-1.

Bot 3rd: Gorgeous double play turned by JC Torres and Matt Winkler. No damage. CO leads 3-1.

Top 3rd: CO threatened, but nada. CO leads 3-1.

Bot 2nd: Garkow has settled in. He gave up only a two out single. No damage done. CO leads 3-1.

Top 2nd: Danny Tiffany singled in Cameron McVey, who singled and went to 2nd on a balk with two outs. Nyeholt followed with an infield hit to score Tiffany. The Chargers scored twice with two outs. CO leads 3-1.

4:52: Garkow may have settled down. He battled back to K the next two hitters. Not out of the woods, though. OK, flyout to end the inning. 1-1. I think I’m going to start breaking this down by inning and not time.

4:49: B-A-D! Routine pop up to left and two CO outfielders go for it. It goes off the CF’s glove. Santa Monica ties it and has 1st and 2nd with nobody out. 1-1.

4:47: No bueno. Santa Monica has runners on 1st and 3rd, nobody out. Garkow is a little shaky. Big game jitters, perhaps.

4:40: It’s begun. Keith Nyeholt started the game with a lead-off walk. Man, what has Nyeholt’s return from injury meant for CO? People forget, but Nyeholt was All-Area last year. Fans are having a tough time judging fly balls. But that happens in the major league stadiums. Nyeholt just stole second and went to third when the ball went into center. BOOM! Ryan Snow just drilled a single to right. 1-0 Chargers! Nice start.

4:17: Introductions. The Santa Monica crowd is booing CO. The CO fans didn’t boo Santa Monica back. Interesting. Damn it, this game should be CO vs. Northview.

4:11: I wonder if Bishop Amat girls hoops coach Richard Wiard is going to sit in his season seats? His wife Kathie is the principal at CO, so I expect they’ll be here. Not telling you where Coach Wiard’s seats are, but I doubt he’ll be in them tonight.

4:06: The Chargers are taking infield right now. They’re the road team. You gotta know the boys are feeling it right now. What an experience. Tyler Garkow is warming in the visitor bullpen. And look at that, the Cal State Fullerton game is on the TV in the press box and former Glendora star Wes Roemer is on the mound.

3:30 p.m.: I’m in but not without trouble. Most of the parking gates were closed, but I found one. I’ll be working the game with fellow staffer Steve Ramirez, who told me I couldn’t get into the stadium yet. But I did by showing my press pass and telling the guard who I am. Then, I entered thru an open gate, bypassing the media will call booth. Uh-oh. Unreal when you think about it. I smell hot dogs and Charter Oak is stretching right now. Not many fans here yet. This place gets me pumped.

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