SEMI-BREAKING NEWS: South Hills soph QB leaves, likely headed to St. Paul …

Ballyhooed South Hills sophomore quarterback Chris Willson, who was in a three-way battle with senior Brandon Parham and junior Cameron Deen for the open starting job, has left the school and is likely to play at St. Paul this season. Willson played in all four of South Hills’ passing league games at Arroyo High on Saturday, but he was not at practice on Monday and the family informed the school he will transfer out. I can’t officially confirm he’s headed to St. Paul, but evidently that’s where his family said he’ll end up. Willson was part of last year’s dynamic freshman class and appeared to have the highest upside of any of the Huskies QBs.

Aram’s take: Have I said on this blog before that somebody at St. Paul is hustling? I know I have. Do you need more proof? South El Monte’s Joe Morales last year, Diamond Ranch’s Aubrey Haynes and now Willson this year have somehow come to the off-season conclusion that St. Paul is the greener grass on the other side. If you’e an Amat fan, this has to perplex you. It does me. St. Paul hasn’t beaten Amat in how long? Their schedule is nice, but it’s not sexier than Amat’s. And yet somehow there’s a way that St. Paul is convincing kids that Santa Fe Springs is a great destination. About Willson, clearly this move was made because of playing time concerns. It can’t be a big shock because once everyone heard the Huskies had three legit signal callers, the knee jerk was to think one or two would transfer in search of more immediate playing time. I don’t think Coach Bogan has made any official decisions about the QB rotation, but it’s pretty obvious that Parham will be the guy. Consensus opinion is that he’s looked by far the best this summer. But man, Willson was headed toward a great prep career and probably scholly somewhere. He still might get it at St. Paul. This is a big blow to South Hills’ future, not that many people will shed a tear. But there was a chance for the Huskies won three consecutive CIF titles. Believe me, this year’s soph class, even without Willson, is excellent. They could win one as juniors and then be overwhelming favorites to repeat as seniors. And we all know this year’s team is favored to win a ring. Add it up and you get three. Deen still gives SH a great option in 2008, but who will start in 2009?

Disclaimer: You’ll notice I titled this thread “semi-breaking news” because I got the tip from one of my loyal bloggers. I don’t know your name, sir, but I must thank you. By the way, in case you haven’t realized, blogs break news in a myriad of ways. This is the wave of the future. Nice work. Info sharing is powerful stuff. Keep it coming!

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