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Hey Eddie, bet they don’t have this in NY.

Get ready for this item to be a daily staple. Among other things, I will post a once-a-day thread with some tidbits of info for you … AND … it will likely include a photo of my lunch. It won’t start until I get back to work in early August. The idea came to me while sitting in the Dodger dugout with Juan Pierre, just thinking about life, two hours before yesterday’s game. Not a word was spoken, or rappped, but it was very stirring. I must tell you that I set foot back in the office today for the first time in a long while. I immediately got the “Got a minute?” invitation into Steve “The Legend” Hunt’s office. Not sure if he was kidding when he fired me for wearing shorts, but technically I’m still alive because I wasn’t actually working. For those who don’t know, Steve is the greatest living prep sports writer. He also calls the shots now for the entire SGVN. For me, and those before me, it’s kinda like following Wooden at UCLA. I’m not trying to score points, but those of you with a little gray in your hair know what I’m talking about. By the way, I’ll play the Steve Lavin role if his wife is in the package. Following the impromptu discussion, me, Fred Robledo and Eddie Barrrera, of Mets fan degeneracy fame, went to lunch. Go to Eddie’s blog if you want to discuss local news. Eddie got his first dose of Mongolian BBQ today, so be gentle. Between meetings I made some calls to football coaches and this is what I got. Nick Lenhart, with a good recent performance at a passing tourney, has a slight edge on two others for Amat’s QB vacancy going into Hell Week. Yeah, I capitalized Hell Week. And I got this from Amat coach Mark Verti, so trust it. Verti also said that Marcus Wagner still wears the golden “A” on his helmet. Then I spoke to Damien coach Scott Morrison, who gave me an eery feeling that Sparty will be just fine this year. That was nothing like the feeling I got from Charter Oak coach Lou Farrar, though. More on that later. Anyway, Coach Morrison said he was pleased with how summer went. He also told me QB Danny Pertusati won’t play in the secondary if he can help it. I don’t agree, but then again, there’s a reason why Coach Morrison wears the headset and I hop over the cables. Back to Big Lou. You know that feeling you got sometimes when watching The Sopranos? The one where you knew something was going to happen, like somebody getting whacked a few scenes later. That’s the vibe I got today from the SGV’s boss of bosses. It’s been dangerously quiet in Charter Oak recently. Farrar did reveal that O-Line coach Moose Evans likes his group this year. As you know, CO has a lot to replace on its O-Line. But so far, so good. Arroyo coach Jim Singiser called me back after I left a message, but I couldn’t pick up at the time because I had left the office and preoccupied. I will call you soon, coach (if you’re reading).

UPDATE: I forgot, Freddie dubbed The Crazy Horse in West Covina as our spot for Monday Night Football. You should’ve seen Robledo’s eyes when he saw it’s going to open soon. See you there?

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