Charter Oak with lofty expectations

It’s always interesting when you ask coaches where they would rank themselves if they had to put together the Tribune’s top ten. Both Lou and Dominic Farrar think four or five is a fair fit, and both feel Damien and Glendora should be ranked ahead of them. They know the expectations are high after winning the Miramonte and advancing to the Southwest title game. But as the father-son team explained, they still couldn’t get past Glendora (14-7) and Damien (25-9) during the regular season. I don’t know if I buy that argument. There isn’t a team with more impact-type players returning than Charter Oak. There isn’t a team with the championship experience this one has. And they have the coaching staff, which is one of the best in the SGV.
Now, if you’re asking which is the tougher league, the Sierra or Miramonte, that’s an argument for a different thread.
Anyway, listen to Big Lou and junior quarterback Chris Allen talk about the upcoming season.

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