You will be banned

This weekends Saturday Morning Quarterback was the worst, and won’t be tolerated any longer. The foul-language, signing on with well-known users screen names, and going so off topic that it’s turning away our favorite people. I now have the authority to ban IP Addresses, and already have banned a few. If you’re a regular poster, and someone else is using your screen name, email me ASAP and I will ban the imposters. To everyone else, consider this your only warning. And if you are banned and want to be reconsidered, you’ll have to email me personally at
Sorry it came to this, but enough is enough.

Need your input: What are your thoughts on registration? You would still be anonymous but be required to use a screen name to post comments. Hopefully, these were just a few idiots I had to ban over the weekend and we can go back to normal conversation. Personally, I’d like to avoid registration. But if it comes to it, we may have to do it for the sanity of the blog.

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