Football: Gano will probably return

After speaking with Los Altos High football coach Greg Gano, I got the impression he will be back on the sidelines next season. Gano has been contemplating his future since the season ended. Asked if he might retire as head football coach, but remain at the school, Gano said. “It has entered my mind. It’s one of those things where I’m still evaluating everything. I’ve got to see if I still have the fire in me. I’ll make a decision soon, but I will probably be back.” Then, after a brief pause, he added. “You know what, I’m probably not going anywhere.” Gano realizes he doesn’t have much coming back next season, but said he would welcome coaching a team that doesn’t have the high expectations of his past teams. “You have to take the good with the bad,” Gano said. “You can’t be good all the time.” Then jokingly, he added. “Maybe we will have to coach a little bit.”

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