Who’s lying? Clemens or McNamee

Steve Ramirez walked in the office this morning and said, “I believe Roger.” I’m still not sure, though Clemens’ interview on 60 minutes was persuasive. I still don’t know how steroids makes a pitcher better? Maybe it helps with longevity, but a pitcher has to make pitches, not just throw hard. In any case, I can’t wait until Clemens and McNamee square off in Washington. If it ends up that Clemens is lying, he’ll never make the Hall of Fame after the campaigning he’s doing now. That’s why I’m inclined to believe Clemens. But is he really willing to take a lie-detector test? And what did McNamee and Clemens say during their phone conversation last week? You know someone secretly recorded that conversation, right? Well, don’t be surprised when someone comes out with it. Enough of this, what do you think?

More on Clemens … Clemens filed a defamation lawsuit against his former trainer on Monday, saying Brian McNamee falsely accused him of using performance-enhancing drugs only after he was “threatened with criminal prosecution if he did not implicate Clemens” to federal investigators.
But an attorney for McNamee said Monday that his client was not pressured by federal investigators to name Clemens but that McNamee told Clemens people that he was pressured.
“He lied to them and tried to say, Well, they pressured me, because he wanted to continue to stay in the good graces of Roger,” the attorney Earl Ward said in a telephone interview.
Ward was present during the day of questioning by federal investigators in June, which was described in a lawsuit Clemens filed Sunday. Ward said McNamee will also say, under oath, he was not pressured.

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