Love this “Week Zero” encounter, Muir at Diamond Ranch

While I was at Tuesday’s Diamond Ranch-Bonita girls soccer game, I ran into Diamond Ranch football coach Roddy Layton, who said he finalized a “Week Zero” game against Muir at home. Layton isn’t the most popular among his coaching peers, but in the short time I’ve known him, he seems like a workaholic in love with building that program. He scheduled Amat, now Muir, and wants to face the Glendora’s, Damien’s, and all the top local teams in the area. He’s making the phone calls to make these games happen, and seems to know something about everyone, and every program. Seriously, I was amazed by all the “off the record” type stuff he said to me. I don’t know how popular he would be, but if the Bishop Amat position ever opened up, I wonder how he would do with it. He’s one of those guys who has the energy, the passion, the pedigree (He did go to USC), and the will. I’m not campaigning for him, just throwing it out there ….

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