Big changes are coming in 2010

San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire high school principals, athletic directors, coaches and other officials will meet in late January and early February to discuss re-leaguing scenarios, which begin a new four-year cycle beginning in the 2010-11 season. The main issues are competitive equity and geographical proximity, and from what I’m hearing there will be big changes across the board. For one, my alma mater, Edgewood, is expected to be a high school again by 2010, which will affect West Covina High, which could ask for relief and be moved into another league because of its smaller enrollment. Other schools like Wilson, Los Altos and Diamond Bar could ask for relief and be moved into different leagues. There is also discussion about a new league being created, and which teams might be moved into tougher leagues, with the possibility of Charter Oak being moved to the Sierra. There is also discussion of what to do with Damien. Should it be in a Catholic-school league, or will it remain in the Sierra. As one Orange County coach noted recently, “when we go into that meeting room, there really are no leagues.” When dates are officially set to begin the re-leaguing discussions, I will release them and we will have more as we get closer. For now, what changes do you think need to be made.

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