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From Whittier Daily News Prep Editor Roger Murray: What has been bandied about intensely over the past two weeks became official Friday when Pete Gonzalez met with St. Paul principal Lori Barr and athletic director Marc Hernandez and informed them he had decided not to resign his position as the Swordsmen’s head football coach. Ms. Barr then took the alternative and relieved Gonzalez from his coaching responsibilities. Late Monday afternoon, Hernandez faxed a release announcing the final action and informing that St. Paul would begin immediately a search for Gonzalez’s replacement. The release was short and to the point and included a one-line sentence explaining that this has been a confidential matter and no further details will be discussed. Ms. Barr has been unavailable for comment. Gonzalez, who led St.Paul to a Western Division championship and the semifinals in two of his three seasons in the position, said he did not resign as Dean of Boys and he intends to remain in the position at least through the school year. “I will continue to work as a dean,” Gonzalez said Monday. “I want to make that clear. If I had done anything unethical or relating to conduct, I wouldn’t still be at the school. She (Barr) has a plan, whatever it is, it’s clear I’m not part of it. I think they expected me to resign. Maybe from a personal standpoint, in terms of my career, it may be a mistake to be fired instead of resigning, but I never told our kids to quit, and I’m not quitting, either.”

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