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I’m working on game-coverage for the week, and athlete of the week considerations, so lets hear from you.

BTW, this post came from Don ….
I for one, don’t think that Fred posts enough lists here. I mean, he does OK as far as he goes, but judging from the response to the lists he does put up, there needs to be more. A lot more. So as (another) public service, I would like to offer my top ten list of yet undone Top Ten Lists. You go ahead and figure out which ones are tongue in cheek.

1.Top Ten Football Fields
2.Top Ten Feeder Programs
3.Top Ten Snack Bars, High School Division
4.Top Ten “Travel Teams”, Girls Division (we may want to expand this one to top 20 or 25)
5.Top Ten “Travel Teams”, Boys Division
6.Top Ten Places for Post-Season Banquets
7.Top Ten Sports Towns, (No Freddie, West Covina and Covina do not count as the one Town)
8.Top Ten Baseball Fields
9.Top Ten Uniforms, (any sport)
10.Top Ten Snack Bars, Open Division

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