Soccer Anyone? Taking on all comers

If you want a shot at me on the soccer field, my brother Steve, cousin Mike, Covina high school teacher Julian Soto, weeklies reporter Maritza Velazquez, soccer fanatic Joe-lodinho and our other hand-picked soccer specialists, we’re knocking teams aside at the Sunday co-ed indoor soccer league at the Field of Dreams in West Covina. We’re trying to get Star-Newbie reporter Miguel Melendez to join next season. He said he’s in training. You can check out the standings, we’re Region 69, at the top of the table and ready to take on anyone in the Valley. This season wraps up in a couple weeks, so after we win the championship and get ready to defend our title, get a team together and take us on. We’re changing our name next season to Sheffield Sunday.

Below: The infamous Robledo Edgewood letterman jacket. Yes, we called a midfielder a halfback then, and yes, I played tennis too.

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