Final thoughts from the Scouting Guru

The Scouting Guru wraps up the 2008 football season with his final thoughts. As always, the man who follows San Gabriel Valley football and beyond, says he will be back in the fall, althought not in the same capacity. I’d like to thank him for all his hard work, which he provides to us free of charge.

Scouting Guru says: So, we have found out that you don’t need to be a five-star player to make it to the first round of the NFL Draft. So who are the players that signed last week that we feel have the potential to being quality football players? Well, for the use of this list, we looked at players that are 3-stars or lower on either Rivals or We have five players that we feel have tremendous upsides that will make their colleges happy. Let’s call these “red-dot specials.”
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1. Ricky Marvray (WR – Cor. Centennial) — This was a kid that I think was horribly graded this year. He finished up the season as our third-best player for the class of 2009. He can definitely run routes and has speed to burn. This was a nice pick-up for the Bruins.

2. William Sutton (DE – Cor. Centennial) — He was another “3-star” player that made a huge bump up on our rankings and end up as the fifth-best player in the IE/SGV based on senior film. He proved to be unstoppable in the CIF championship game against Chapparal and in the state final against De La Salle. This was a huge pick up for ASU.

3. Bradlee Randle (RB – Vista Murrieta) — You can make an argument that this was the best RB in the IE in this season. His game against Los Osos was impressive and he just has the look of a player that can be the next Darren Sproles. Speed to burn…UNLV has a nice one, that is for sure.

4. David Quiroga (WR – Ayala) — How can you not like this kid? He is the best route runner in the area and is tough as nails. His junior tape was unreal…as was his game against Damien two years ago. Coach Walker spots talent very well and this is a true Diamond in the Rough. Lots to like here.

5. Cameron Deen (QB – South HIlls) — Yeah, I will admit that this comes from the heart a little bit, but one can’t dispute the fact that Deen has an tremendous upside, a football body that will mature in college and loves the game of football. Does he have things that he needs to work on…you bet. But, this was a great pick-up for Northern Colorado and it will be interesting to see him compete for the starting job after next season.

AND SO THE END HAS FINALLY COME: And with the final closure of signing day, brings the final closure of our column for the blog. The reason we did all of this stuff for the area blog this season was help you sort out the recruiting process, allow for some good banter (and their was plenty of that) and let us give you our thoughts about the area football scene.

We are making some slight changes to our service for colleges next year. Basically,we have decided that we are going to focus in on the Inland Empire. The area coaches around here do a great job in sending film out to the schools, but it was our feeling after signing day (after a lot of talk with college coaches) that we need to tighten down the bolts in the Inland Empire. It is where the players are and where the future lies in the scouting business. We will never turn our backs on the east SGV and will help those kids get all the exposure that they need to get get a shot at a D-1 offer that they deserve.

One new item that I can tell you that we are very excited about is that we are going digitial next year in sending out game film to schools. It’s going to require a little more work, but we feel that the money is there for us to take advantage of the technology and the resources that are available right now.

Most of the stuff that we will be giving to Fred and the rest of the media will help them in their coverage of the HS football scene. And of course, we also stay in contact with D-1 schools to make sure that offers that are being reported out there are not false reports.

From time to time, we may give Fred a top-10 list, but with no comments at all.

Right now, we are working on our Spring Prospectus that we give to colleges and media for their use during the spring and summer. It is a 70 page report and we feel that is gives colleges a great leg up when they recruit the east SGV and the IE. And we feel that the media has treated us just fine…thanks Eric Sondheimer.

If you have any questions about our service and what we do, please feel free to drop me an email at My thanks to Fred and the rest of the staff and the Trib for making my first year scouting, a very interesting year. It was not dull that was for sure.

Thanks and take care.

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