Could recession mean fewer games?

I found this interesting item in the Daily Breeze prep blog, run by prep writer Tony Ciniglio. First, this is another great high school blog at one of our sister papers, and its building steam. Hopefully we can have some tongue and cheek chatter with them during crossover games this fall. You can also follow our blog on twitter, which has helped our numbers increase. But for now, here’s a story Ciniglio had on his blog from the associated press, which calls for shorter high school season’s in New York because of the economy. I was talking with Arroyo girls basketball coach Mike Gorball about it this morning. He says they might be asked to player fewer games next season, so it looks like it’s already starting to take effect around here. This is something we need to pay close attention to, so if you hear anything along these lines, we’d love to hear about it.

Please don’t cut our games: Okay, so I’m having a little fun, but I love the picture, which goes to show these girls leave it all on the line.

This story comes from The Associated Press in Albany, N.Y.
Here’s a new play call courtesy of the recession: shorter seasons for high school athletes. The group that oversees public high school athletics in New York state recently
approved shaved-down schedules next school year as a cost-cutting measure, the
latest to take the step nationwide. Cuts vary by sport in New York: Baseball teams that play 24 regular-season games will go to 20, football teams will go from 10 games to 9 or 8, depending on regional officials.
The New York State Public High School Athletic Association says the shorter
schedules allow schools to cut budgets without cutting programs. Critics — including
coaches and kids — claim the new policy unfairly targets student athletes.

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