Best gyms? Joe Amat’s handling this

On another thread one of you asked about the area’s top ten gyms. Joe Amat beat me to it and after reading his list, I really can’t complain.

Joe Amat’s top ten
10. Edgewood (Freddy, this ones for you. It’s on thee list if WSUSD woulda been smart enough to use that campus instead of WC)
9. Baldwin Park (there’s something about old elevated stands that I like-don’t know why)
8. Azusa (I swear…exactly the same as Glendora-just not as clean and without the history)
7. Charter Oak (haven’t been inside since the renovation, Better I’d hope? But can we finish the outside paint job?)
6. South Hills (now it at least doesn’t have a garage door for one whole wall
5. Covina (a lotta great players have been in that gym… floor is great, have we got new bleachers yet?)
4. Diamond Ranch (clean and new… but sterile with too much glass))
3. Glendora (when it’s full it is probably the best place to be in, two decks is awesome)
1.T Damien (1A & 1B – tough to choose, flip ’em if you want)
1.T Amat (some design flaws but the biggest thing wrong is the Activity Centers official name-that I’ll never utter)

Don’t try this at home….The NBA mascot actually tore his ACL falling through the hoop.

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