March Madness: Take North Carolina

In an effort to help all of with your office polls, I’ve completed the best March Madness bracket possible. Fill it out, turn it in, and cash in at the end of the tournament. If you want to send me a kick-back as thanks, I’ll use it for the Covina District Field renovation plans. (I made that up, but the need to do something.) BTW, my heart would only allow me to go so far as to put UCLA in the Sweet 16. USC is going out in round II.

Above: I’m going with North Carolina to win it all.

Aram’s Final Four: (Wake, Pitt, UConn and UNC. )
Fred’s Final Four: (Louisville, UConn, Duke, North Carolina)

Second Round Winners:
West Region

UConn, BYU, Purdue, Washington, Utah State, Missouri, California, Memphis
Midwest Region
Louisville, Ohio State, Utah, Wake Forest, Dayton, Kansas, USC, Michigan State
Bottom Half
South Region
North Carolina, LSU, Illinois, Gonzaga, Arizona State, Syracuse, Michigan, Oklahoma
East Regio
Pittsburgh, Tennessee, Florida State, Xavier, UCLA, Villanova, Texas, Duke

Sweet 16
West Region
UConn, Washington, Missouri, Memphis
Midwest Region
Louisville, Utah, Kansas, Michigan State
South Region
North Carolina, Illinois, Syracuse, Oklahoma
East Region
Pittsburgh, Xavier, UCLA, Duke

Elite 8
West Region
UConn, Memphis
Midwest Region
Louisville, Michigan State
South Region
North Carolina, Syracuse
East Region
Pittsburgh, Duke

Final Four
Louisille (Midwest) vs. UConn (West)
Duke (East) vs. North Carolina (South)

North Carolina over Louisville.

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