WBC: Has the U.S. lost its advantage?

Is America no longer the master of its own game?

There was a time when baseball was America’s game. But judging by the recent World Baseball Classic, which tonight concludes with a championship tilt featuring Korea vs. Japan, the sport may have passed the U.S. by.
How else would you explain Japan’s convincing 9-4 victory over Team USA on Sunday. I heard former New York Mets general manager and ESPN commentator Steve Phillips say in an interview on ESPN Radio that if there were no major leagues and you had a season of world baseball, the U.S. would be competitive, but they would not be the best team.
He also said that today foreign players make up 28 percent of MLB rosters and he wouldn’t be surprised if within 10 years that number is up to more than 50 percent.
Yes, the times are a changin.’

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