Blog Reset

As you can tell, the blog has a new look with some new features. First, you can still comment anonymously or choose to register with a sign-in name in the event we go to registration full-time. Other than that, everything is normal and it is much quicker. At the very bottom, where is says select a newspaper, you can immediately look at other websites in our newsgroup. There is also a share this marker to your right, which allows you to share threads with anyone. The color will go back to grey and green in the coming days, but as you can tell, there hasn’t been much of a change. I would encourage regular bloggers to sign-in to keep your famous screen names, and down the road, I can make you trusted commenters so that you will always be able to comment freely in the event we go back to approving comments before releasing them because of careless bloggers. You get it, if I trust you, you won’t have a problem. If I don’t, you may have to wait for your comment to be approved. Until we reach that point, you all get the benefit of the doubt and can comment freely.

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