Oh, the memories, Blog enters fourth year

We just passed the three-year anniversary of the blog, which began on April 10, 2006 with the blog originator, Big Bad Aram Tolegian. As our blog changes its face sometime this afternoon (they say around 4 p.m.) , let us celebrate this magnificent milestone by posting some of Aram’s old threads over the next year. The ones about his food, harsh criticism’s, his “honies” in the office, and I might even add some of the old comments from those threads. We’ll have fun with it. I won’t say when or where, I’ll sneak up on you with it. To start, how about the first thread ever. Hey, like our forefathers, at least he had the right intentions …

Number of entries to date: 1,579
Number of comments to date: 95,028

Below: Do you see the comparison? Aram thought he was the Ben Affleck of the Tribune.

Aram’s first post everthis blog was made for you and me. Was that chorus too much for you? Anyway, welcome to my prep sports blog where you will hopefully spend several hours of your work day reading about, posting about, arguing about and laughing about the ever-growing world of prep sports. Please, for the good of the economy, try to stay productive on your job.

Here’s the deal. This blog was made for news, opinion and info sharing about the world of prep sports. There are no geographic boundaries, so topics can be from any location. We won’t only stick to the SGV. This blog is meant for fans, athletes, parents, coaches, … basically, anybody.

Here’s how it will work. I will post entries about various things and you can respond to any of them. The goal of this site is to have an active blog/message board. You don’t have to register. You don’t have to leave your name. Stay anonymous. Enjoy yourself.

There are rules, though.
No prep athletes will be maliciously bashed. Don’t hate. Constructive criticism is fine, but the line will be drawn.
No coach will be subject to personal attacks. If you want to question strategy, feel free to do so. If it gets too personal, I won’t run it. Constructive criticism is fine, but the line will be drawn.

Teams, schools and even reporters/media outlets (Oh my!) are all fair game. Feel free to offer your opinions, good or bad, but please back them up with something tangible. Low IQ replies to topics simply won’t run.

Other than that, there’s nothing left to do but get started.

The first comment ever came from Mike Jones who wrote : “WOW!!!! This is awesome, it’s about time we now have blogs….Let’s get to it, let’s use this and spread the word……Let’s go Aram, give us something to get excited about……”

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