It’s time for the folks at Bonita to …

There is a story worth investigating at Bonita, which I keep telling myself I will get to when I have more time. But why not throw it out there. Why does the softball team continue to play at a nearby park while the baseball team enjoys the comforts of home? Many parents have complained over the years about this lack on inequality, and some of those complaints have reached me through email. From what I have been told, these complaints to school officials haven’t warranted much of a response. There has been enough complaining that portable toilets have finally been added. In previous years players and spectators had to make the long trek past the tennis courts to find restrooms. The field isn’t bad, but when you don’t have a field on campus, weekend softball players, and just about anyone else can tear up the field, leave their trash and beer cans and who winds up cleaning it up, softball coaches, parents, and others. At least on campus, you control your own facilities. Bonita has a beautiful baseball field, a state-of-the art track and football stadium, and what seems like a thousand soccer fields to satisfy all weekend club teams, so why can’t they find room for a softball field? Bonita officials should start taking these complaints seriously. They should be reminded about the girls softball team at Alhambra, who challenged the school district when a state-of-the-art baseball field was built for the baseball team, but nothing was done for the softball team. When it was all over, and after all the money was spent on lawyers and litigation, the softball team finally got what they deserved, and the school district got what it deserved with all of the negative publicity.

BTW: Our photographer Keith Birmingham always seems to get the great shots, like this player when Bonita right fielder Ashlyn Canchola made a diving catch along the right field line in the first inning.

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