The releaguing appeals process; a note from CIF commisioner of athletics, Jim Staunton

Note: South Hills, Charter Oak, Glendora and Rowland have filed appeals to the recent Mt. SAC area realignment. Here is a note today from CIFSS-Commissioner Jim Staunton on what happens next.

The nine areas in Southern Section are finalizing their area configurations for the 2010-2014 releaguing cycle. The Section office recognizes that there may be schools dissatisfied with their placement. In accordance with Bluebook Article 3, Rule 32.5, number 2, the appeal process shall begin with a hearing before the Releaguing Committee. Any school seeking an appeal “is directed to forward a copy of the appeal to the CIF Southern Section office, a copy to the Area Releaguing Chairperson(s) and a copy to the principals of all schools assigned to the respective area(s). The appeal committee will meet May 6, 2009, beginning at 10:00 a.m. to hear appeals in the Southern Section office. Continue reading, click thread

The appeal should address any or all of the three criteria, geography, enrollment or competitive equity, with the appealing school showing how any or all of the criteria were not addressed in their placement. An appeal may also address whether the area followed its own protocol during the releaguing process. If the area did not properly administer the rules their principals put into place, that could constitute grounds for reconsideration.
There is no form for the appeal; the Section office prefers a letter from the school administrator. The school may attach a proposal that provides a remedy for their placement that is within the rules set forth by the Blue Book.
Please forward all appeals as soon as possible. The Section office recognizes in some cases the timeline may be compressed and will accept appeals up to one week before the May 6, meeting.
All appeals will be heard by the releaguing committee and will be heard in the order they are received. The Chairperson shall decide the process for the day and will announce it at the outset of the meeting.

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