Northview’s Jim Arellanes forced to keep his options open, applies at Corona Santiago

Northview High School football coach Jim Arellanes has been through this before. Fearing budget cuts might cost him his job, Arellanes applied to become Monrovia High School’s football coach last spring, and was a finalist before the school named West Covina defensive coordinator Ryan Maddux to succeed Steve Garrison.
After learning last month that his name was on a list of possible teachers that could be laid off in the Covina School District, Arellanes recently applied for the vacant Corona Santiago head football coaching position, a job that is rumored to be filled by A.B. Miller’s Jeff Steinberg. To continue reading, click thread.

“It’s an identical situation to last year,” Arellanes said. “May 15 is the date we’re supposed to find out who keeps their jobs and who doesn’t. I’m hoping that it works out for me, but when you get a letter letting know that you could be one of the teachers let go, you have to keep your options open.”
Northview was 9-3 this past season, winning the Valle Vista League title and reaching the Mid-Valley Division quarterfinals before losing to eventual champion Paraclete.
“When the season was over there were rumors floating around that I wanted to go, but that’s not the case, it’s more of the situation that I am in,” Arellanes said. “I’m really happy at Northview and with the progress that we have made. I want to continue to build on that, but at the same time, when opportunities become available, given my situation, I have to look at them.”
Arellanes is flattered that he was given serious consideration at Monrovia and Santiago.
“It is flattering,” Arellanes said. “You have to go in there, present your philosophies and show them what you bring to the table. It’s great to get some feedback and know that other schools are encouraged about what you’re doing.
“But I still hope it works out at Northview. This isn’t about the team or the place, it’s just one of those situation you have to deal with.”

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