Breaking News: Los Altos girls volleyball coach Anthony De La Vara shocked over his firing

After building one of the better girls varsity volleyball programs in the Valley, Los Altos girls varsity coach Anthony De La Vara said he was fired by principal Cheli McReynolds. De La Vara said the reasons given were vague, “She said some parents weren’t happy with me and some kids were afraid of me, but she wouldn’t put anything in writing detailing why she made her decision.” The Tribune received a letter from the president of the Los Altos volleyball booster club in support of De La Vera, who said he has continuously fought for equal gym time with the school administration, and several other Title IX issues, which he thinks played a role in his removal. A coach in the Valley for nearly 30 years, De La Vara graduated at Los Altos and has also coached at West Covina, South Hills, Covina and was an assistant many years for the Los Altos boys program. “I love that school and what I was building there,” De La Vara said. “I don’t want to say anything bad, they have great kids and I wish them nothing but the best.”

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