Prediction: Bonita makes its way to the Div. III title game, but the big shocker comes when San Dimas wins it all, beating Northview in the final

With all the talk about Bishop Amat and Northview, the spoiler will be San Dimas.

Today’s wild-card resutls
Division II

Glendora 10, West Torrance 1
Damien 10, Miller 4
Chino Hills 5, Burroughs 2, 8 inn
Division III
El Rancho 6, Walnut 3
Laguna Hills 6, Wilson 1
Los Altos 3, Elsinore 3
Division IV
Baldwin Park 6, Carpinteria 5
Division V
Cathedral 3, Arroyo 2
Citrus Hill 14, Azusa 3
Gladstone 9, Bosco Tech 2

Division II locals: Glendora (WC), Damien (WC), Chino Hills (WC), Chino.
Division II seeds: 1. El Toro, 2. Yucaipa, 3. Notre Dame, 4. Palos Verdes.
What should happen: The Sierra teams received tough draws, but it is what it is, making it extremely tough for the wild card teams to get out of week one. This isn’t like softball, pitching is a problem since teams will throw No. 1’s today and go with No. 2’s in the first-round on Thursday.
Prediction: Glendora and Damien will win wild card games at home. The Tartans would get another wild-card winner in round one, but then a huge second round game against top-seed El Toro ends their season, but will be fun to watch. Damien might want to throw their No. 2 today in hopes of having a chance on Thursday against No. 4 seed Palos Verdes. I know that’s not conventional wisdom, but why not take a shot. I wouldn’t be surprised if a Sierra team gets to the quarters, but getting two that far doesn’t appear realistic.

Division III locals: Charter Oak, South Hills, Nogales, Bonita, Walnut (WC), Wilson (WC), Los Altos (WC)
Division III seeds: 1. Beckman, 2. Bonita, 3. San Gorgonio, 4. Lancaster
What should happen: First, scratch all the wild cards, none of them will get to the first round. The top seeds are tough, but this could be a division full of surprises.
Prediction: For a No. 2 seed, Bonita could face a very tough game in the second round against Alhambra, but they should survive to face South Hills in the quarterfinals. In fact, I like Bonita’s chances of reaching the championship game. In fact, pencil it in. Nogales is my sleeper. They have a great No. 1 pitcher in Andrew Melchor, arguably as good as anyone in the division. Melchor could pitch games one and two, and two could be against Charter Oak in the second round. The quarterfinals could come against No. 1 Beckman, which likely ends Nogales’ season. But don’t count out the Nobles, I’ve seen teams ride No. 1 pitchers in the playoffs, and they’re riding this destiny thing. Does Bonita win it all? I’m not feeling it, but won’t be surprised if they do.

Division IV locals: Bishop Amat, Northview, San Dimas, Baldwin Park
Division IV seeds: 1. Bishop Amat, 2. Northview, 3. Torrance, 4. San Dimas.
What should happen: Bishop Amat and Northview meeting in the championship game, but hold that thought.
Prediction: I felt all along that Northview and Bishop Amat are good, just not as good as last year. But that doesn’t mean they’re not good enough to get back to the championship, I just won’t be surprised if they get knocked out along the way. Northview’s big hurdle could come in the second round against St. Paul, who has two solid pitchers to throw at them. Here’s how I will break this down, San Dimas will play Bishop Amat in the semifinals, and I’m predicting the big upset, Saints over the Lancers in a thriller. Northview will get past St. Paul and find its way to the championship, but San Dimas comes full circle and knocks off the Vikings in Anaheim. It’s about redemption, hunger, and a good story (haha). Bishop Amat-Northview seems to good to be true. This is the year of the spoiler, and who better to play the role than Mike Regan’s Saints.

Division V locals: Sierra Vista, South El Monte, La Puente, Arroyo (WC), Azusa (WC), Gladstone (WC).
What should happen: Quick early exit by local teams? Not so fast. There aren’t a bunch of world beaters in this division, and we have some teams that could make runs.
Predictions: I like Gladstone to win its wild card, but then it gets No. 2 Santa Ynez. Season over. Because Sierra Vista has one of the best pitchers in the division, I like their chances of reaching the quarterfinals, then it gets tougher against No. 1 San Jacinto. La Puente could win their first game, but Maranatha’s a tough second round game. All in all, I’m rooting for the Dons. Wouldn’t be shocked at all if they got to the semifinals, but history tells us otherwise.


Wild-card games, Tuesday, 3:15 p.m.
A–Valley View (Inland Valley 4, 12-12) at Rancho Cucamonga (Baseline T3, 14-12)
B–West Torrance (Bay 4, 14-12) at Glendora (Sierra 2, 18-7)
C–Pasadena (Pacific 5, 15-11-1) at Redlands East Valley (Citrus Belt 2, 19-6)
D–Redlands (Citrus Belt T4, 13-12) at Mayfair (Suburban 2, 17-10)
E–Santa Barbara (Channel T3, 12-13) at Loyola (Mission T3, 16-13-1)
F–Bellflower (Suburban 3, 12-12-1) at Burbank (Pacific T3, 11-10-1)
G–Paso Robles (Pac-7 T3, 14-13) at Alta Loma (Baseline T1, 15-9)
H–Alemany (Mission 5, 15-11) at Vista del Lago (Inland Valley T1, 20-6)
I–Miller (Citrus Belt 3, 13-10) at Damien (Sierra 3, 18-8)
J–Rialto (Citrus Belt T4, 10-12-1) at La Sierra (Inland Valley 3, 16-8)
K–Chino Hills (Sierra 4, 15-10) at Burbank Burroughs (Pacific 2, 20-7)
L–San Marcos (Channel T3, 15-14) at Atascadero (Pac-7 2, 15-11)
M–Placentia Valencia (Empire 3, 13-14) at Mira Costa (Bay T2, 18-11)
N–Glenn (Suburban 4, 13-11) at Huntington Beach (Sea View 3, 14-12)
O–Los Osos (Baseline T3, 13-9) at Peninsula (Bay T2, 18-10)
P–St. Francis (Mission T3, 16-12) at Buena (Channel 2, 14-10)
Q–Crescenta Valley (Pacific T3, 16-9) at Righetti (Pac-7 T3, 13-13)

First round, Thursday, 3:15 p.m.
Winner wild-card A at #1 El Toro (Sea View 1, 21-5)
Winner wild-card B vs. Winner wild-card C
Winner wild-card D at San Luis Obispo (Pac-7 1, 21-5)
Winner wild-card E at Arcadia (Pacific 1, 21-4)
Winner wild-card F at Garden Grove Pacifica (Empire 1, 19-8)
Winner wild-card G at Crespi (Mission 2, 16-11)
Winner wild-card H at Dos Pueblos (Channel 1, 15-11)
Winner wild-card I at #4 Palos Verdes (Bay 1, 25-4)

Winner wild-card J at #3 Sherman Oaks Notre Dame (Mission 1, 22-5)
Winner wild-card K at La Mirada (Suburban 1, 18-11)
Winner wild-card L at Foothill (Sea View 2, 19-7)
Winner wild-card M at Upland (Baseline T1, 20-4)
Winner wild-card N at Chino (Sierra 1, 19-7)
Winner wild-card O at Arlington (Inland Valley T1, 19-9)
Winner wild-card P at Cypress (Empire 2, 18-9)
Winner wild-card Q at #2 Yucaipa (Citrus Belt 1, 25-2)

Wild-card games, Tuesday, 3:15 p.m.

A–Hawthorne (Ocean T3, 16-10-1) at Segerstrom (Golden West 3, 14-12)
B–Montebello (Almont 3, 14-10) at Palmdale (Golden 3, 12-13)
C–Walnut (San Antonio 3, 10-15) at El Rancho (Del Rio T3, 9-15)
D–Hacienda Heights Wilson (Miramonte 4, 12-11) at Laguna Hills (Pacific Coast 3, 17-9)
E–Knight (Golden 4, 15-9) at Santa Monica (Ocean T3, 15-14)
F–Los Altos (Miramonte T2, 11-11) at Elsinore (Sunbelt 3, 14-12)
G–Rancho Alamitos (Garden Grove 3, 15-11) at Gahr (San Gabriel Valley 3, 19-8)
H–Eastside (Golden 5, 14-11) at Pacific (San Andreas T2, 11-12)

First round, Friday, 3:15 p.m.
Winner wild-card A at #1 Beckman (Pacific Coast 1, 22-4)
La Serna (Del Rio T1, 14-11) at Westminster La Quinta (Garden Grove 1, 17-9)
Cajon (San Andreas T2, 13-12) at Charter Oak (Miramonte T2, 15-9)
Winner wild-card B at Nogales (San Antonio 1, 21-7-1)
Winner wild-card C at Downey (San Gabriel Valley T1, 21-6)
Ocean View (Golden West 2, 17-9) at Paloma Valley (Sunbelt 1, 18-7)
Bell Gardens (Almont 2, 17-5) at Beverly Hills (Ocean 1, 12-14)
Winner wild-card D at #4 Lancaster (Golden 1, 18-7)

Winner wild-card E at #3 San Gorgonio (San Andreas 1, 20-5)
Winner wild-card F at Orange (Golden West 1, 18-7)
Corona del Mar (Pacific Coast 2, 15-10) at California (Del Rio T1, 15-11)
Garden Grove (Garden Grove 2, 15-10) at Paramount (San Gabriel Valley T1, 18-9)
Culver City (Ocean 2, 18-11) at Hemet (Sunbelt 2, 16-9-1)
Quartz Hill (Golden 2, 19-8) at South Hills (San Antonio 2, 17-8)
Winner wild-card G at Alhambra (Almont 1, 16-10)
Winner wild-card H at #2 Bonita (Miramonte 1, 19-5)

Wild-card games, Tuesday, 3:15 p.m.

A–North Torrance (Pioneer T3, 14-11-1) at Santa Ana Calvary Chapel (Orange Coast 3, 16-11)
B–Garey (Mt. Baldy T3, 8-13) at La Quinta (Desert Valley T2, 18-7)
C–Bishop Montgomery (Del Rey 3, 11-15) at Oak Park (Tri-Valley T3, 13-11)
D–Temple City (Rio Hondo 3, 16-9) at Sonora (Freeway T2, 16-10)
E–Century (Orange 3, 11-15) at Norte Vista (Sunkist T2, 12-14)
F–Carpinteria (Tri-Valley T3, 14-8) at Baldwin Park (Valle Vista 3, 14-10)
G–La Canada (Rio Hondo 4, 16-7) at South Torrance (Pioneer T3, 16-12)
H–Indio (Desert Valley 4, 14-11) at Granite Hills (Desert Sky 3, 16-8)

First round, Thursday, 3:15 p.m.
Winner wild-card A at #1 Bishop Amat (Del Rey 1, 23-5)
Savanna (Orange 2, 14-13) at La Habra (Freeway T2, 16-8)
San Marino (Rio Hondo 2, 17-7) at St. Bonaventure (Tri-Valley 1, 20-9)
Winner wild-card B at Patriot (Sunkist 1, 18-9)
Winner wild-card C at Palm Desert (Desert Valley 1, 21-5)
Don Lugo (Mt. Baldy 2, 19-6) at El Segundo (Pioneer 2, 21-8)
Winner wild-card D at Victor Valley (Desert Sky 1, 16-8)
Laguna Beach (Orange Coast T2, 14-13) at #4 San Dimas (Valle Vista 2, 19-5)

Winner wild-card E at #3 Torrance (Pioneer 1, 21-7)
Palm Springs (Desert Valley T2, 13-9) at Costa Mesa (Orange Coast 1, 20-6)
Barstow (Desert Sky 2, 14-8) at Monrovia (Rio Hondo 1, 17-7-1)
Winner wild-card F at Fullerton (Freeway 1, 19-7)
Winner wild-card G at Anaheim (Orange 1, 21-6)
Kaiser (Sunkist T2, 18-8) at Colony (Mt. Baldy 1, 17-7)
Oaks Christian (Tri-Valley 2, 12-8) at St. Paul (Del Rey 2, 16-12)
Winner wild-card H at #2 Northview (Valle Vista 1, 20-4)

Wild-card games, Tuesday, 3:15 p.m.

A–Cathedral (Camino Real 4, 12-13) at Arroyo (Mission Valley 3, 10-14)
B–Beaumont (Mountain Pass 5, 16-10) at Serrano (Mojave River 3, 9-12)
C–Lompoc (Los Padres 4, 17-10) at Montclair Prep (Olympic 3, 14-12)
D–Citrus Hill (Mountain Pass T3, 15-8) at Azusa (Montview T3, 9-10)
E–Big Bear (De Anza 3, 12-7) at Heritage (Mountain Pass T3, 12-11)
F–Los Angeles Baptist (Olympic T4, 12-11) at Paraclete (Alpha 3, 13-11)
G–Gladstone (Montview T3, 18-5) at Bosco Tech (Camino Real 3, 14-9)

First round, Friday, 3:15 p.m.
Winner wild-card A at #1 San Jacinto (Mountain Pass 1, 23-1)
Whittier Christian (Olympic 2, 14-10-1) at Santa Maria St. Joseph (Los Padres T2, 15-9)
Riverside Christian (Big Sky 3, 15-6-1) at Sultana (Mojave River 1, 14-8)
Arrowhead Christian (Christian 3, 9-15-1) at Sierra Vista (Montview 1, 18-6)
South El Monte (Mission Valley 2, 11-7) at Downey Calvary Chapel (Alpha T1, 17-6)
Winner wild-card B at Twentynine Palms (De Anza 1, 12-10)
Aquinas (Christian 2, 17-8) at St. Monica (Camino Real 1, 15-9)
Winner wild-card C at #4 Woodcrest Christian (Big Sky 1, 19-5)

Winner wild-card D at #3 Maranatha (Alpha T1, 21-5)
Mary Star (Camino Real 2, 12-13) at La Puente (Montview 2, 13-8)
Lompoc Cabrillo (Los Padres T2. 16-10) at Gabrielino (Mission Valley 1, 14-11)
Winner wild-card E at Campbell Hall (Olympic 1, 16-7)
Winner wild-card F at Western Christian (Christian 1, 17-8)
Desert Hot Springs (De Anza 2, 9-13) at Linfield Christian (Big Sky 2, 17-7)
Hesperia (Mojave River 2, 13-12) at Tahquitz (Mountain Pass 2, 16-8)
Winner wild-card G at #2 Santa Ynez (Los Padres 1, 21-3)

Wild-card games, Tuesday, 3:15 p.m.

A–La Verne Lutheran (Arrowhead 3, 12-8) at Oakwood (Liberty 3, 9-7)
B–Moreno Valley Calvary Chapel (Victory T2, 14-5) at Capistrano Valley Christian (Academy 3, 16-9)
C–Desert Chapel (Victory T4, 14-7) at Upland Christian (Arrowhead 2, 12-7)
D–Redlands Adventist (Victory T4, 14-9) at Hesperia Christian (Agape T3, 10-10)
E–La Sierra Academy (Arrowhead T4, 6-12) at Bell-Jeff (Santa Fe T3, 9-11)
F–Flintridge Prep (Prep 3, 12-9) at Kern Valley (High Desert 3, 17-8-1)
G–Sierra Canyon (Delphic 3, 7-14) at Grace Brethren (Frontier T1, 16-10)
H–Excelsior (Agape T3, 12-6) at Lone Pine (Desert Mountain 3, 11-6)

First round, Thursday, 3:15 p.m.
Winner wild-card A at #1 Bloomington Christian (Victory 1, 19-3)
Academy for Academic Excellence (Agape 2, 12-10) at Crossroads (Delphic 2, 14-5)
Winner wild-card B at Southlands Christian (San Joaquin 1, 21-4)
Rio Hondo Prep (Prep 2, 11-9) at Santa Paula (Frontier T1, 19-7)
Winner wild-card C at Oxford Academy (Academy T1, 17-5)
Bishop (High Desert 2, 12-7) at Lancaster Desert Christian (Desert Mountain 1, 16-6)
Buckley (Liberty 2, 10-13) at Salesian (Santa Fe 1, 15-8)
Winner wild-card D at #4 Vasquez (Freelance, 22-3)

Winner wild-card E at #3 Windward (Delphic 1, 20-7)
Baptist Christian (Victory T2, 12-7-2) at Viewpoint (Liberty 1, 12-6-1)
Boron (Desert Mountain 2, 14-7) at Victor Valley Christian (Agape 1, 16-5)
Winner wild-card F at Nordhoff (Frontier T1, 8-10)
Winner wild-card G at Pasadena Poly (Prep 1, 15-7-1)
St. Anthony (Santa Fe 2, 16-8) at Sage Hill (Academy T1, 15-4)
Saddleback Valley Christian (San Joaquin 2, 7-10) at California Lutheran (Arrowhead 1, 15-3)
Winner wild-card H at #2 Rosamond (High Desert 1, 16-4)

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