Are the Titans on the Road to Omaha?

Above: This photo courtesy of shows the quest for all 64 teams in the NCAA Division I baseball tournament – Omaha’s Rosenblatt Statium.

As you all know, Fred’s biggest passion outside of prep sports, is his beloved Lakers.
Mine includes the Cal State Fullerton baseball team, which is on the right path on the Road to Omaha and the College World Series. I followed the Titans to Omaha in 2001 and 2003, and have been to every home Regional and Super Regional since 2000. I also traveled to a regional in San Diego two years ago. To continue reading click thread

The Titans, after another solid season, get to roll the dice again in quest for their fifth CWS title after being awarded with the No. 2 overall seed when the NCAA released its pairings this morning. The 64-team tournament begins this weekend with 16 Regionals at campus sites, followed by next weekend’s Super Regionals, also at campus sites. The College World Series, which begins June 13, is again scheduled for Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha, Neb.
Top 8 National Seeds: 1. Texas, 2. Cal State Fullerton, 3. Louisiana State, 4. North Carolina, 5. Arizona State, 6. UC Irvine, 7. Oklahoma, 8. Florida.
Fullerton Regional (with first round matchups): Fullerton vs. Utah; Gonzaga vs. Georgia Southern.
UC Irvine Regional: UCI vs. Fresno State; San Diego State vs. Virginia.
Here are my picks:
Regional winners: Texas, Oregon State, Georgia Tech, Florida, Arizona State, Clemson, South Carolina, North Carolina, Cal State Fullerton, Louisville, Georgia, Arkansas, , Mississippi, Rice, LSU.
Omaha Bound: Texas, Georgia Tech, Arizona State, South Carolina, Cal State Fullerton, Arkansas, UCI, LSU.
CWS Championship Series: Texas vs. UCI
CWS Champion: UCI

Comment: It pains me to pick the ‘Eaters’ over the Titans, but they seem to have that solid balance between pitching, power and they play small ball very well. Texas looks like it can walk to the championship round and I think the Titans have the ability to challenge UCI in Omaha. But looking at it objectively, UCI, on the surface, just has a little too much. Also, UCI, led by former USC coach Mike Gillespie, winning a national title would be egg on its face for USC, which forced Gillespie to resign a few years ago, replacing him with Chad Kreuter, who has run the once-storied program into the ground. I predicting Gillespie will get the last laugh.

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