With the Lakers title wrapped up, I can’t wait for Mannywood and the Dodgers to do the same

The L.A. Times’ Bill Plaschke thinks Manny Ramirez’s suspension should keep him out of his minor league assignment with Albuquerque. TJ Simers admits that he can’t stay mad at him. What’s all the fuss, it’s like serving a sentence then finishing the rest of your time at a halfway house before your official release. It’s not the bigs so it’s not a big deal. People like Plaschke think the Dodgers should trade him away, but the people who pay money to go to Dodgers games and sit in front of their television and cheer the Dodgers want him to stay, and can’t wait to welcome him back. Plaschke even pleaded with the Lakers to trade Kobe two years ago. That’s why you don’t listen to sportswriters, you listen to the beating heart of loyal fans, like the one I saw wearing a shirt that read, “Stand by your Manny.”

(Photo by Craig Fritz/The Associated Press)

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