Question: Whose 14 major titles are more impressive, Tiger Woods’ or Roger Federer’s?

I’m in this argument constantly with my high school buddy Andre Marshall, who incidentally or accidentally as I like to tease him, won the Valle Vista league tennis title and went undefeated three years in a row while we were at Edgewood. So you know where his heart is, with Federer, who I call the Larry Holmes of tennis, because the era is so weak. Where are the serve and volleyers? Where are all the great names? If Rafael Nadal is to Federer what Agassi and several others were to Sampras then heck, Federer isn’t even the best of his generation, he’s 7-13 all-time against Nadal. What tennis folks fail to understand is that for Tiger Woods to win a major, he has to be better than the 100-plus in the tournament, and he can’t control what they shoot, that’s why winning a major in golf is so much tougher than winning in tennis, where the best players dominate all the time, not part of the time or a fraction of the time. Federer gets to go head-to-head with his opponents, win seven matches and can control what his opponents do. All Tiger can control is what he does, and if someone gets hot, there is nothing he can do about it. I could go on and on, but what do you think?

Golf may not be as athletic as tennis, but you can certainly be more creative ….By the way, I got this shot

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