Football is not over, the Fiesta Bowl at Whittier College on Saturday has a local flavor

What: Third Annual Fiesta Bowl
All Star High School Football Game
Who: Los Angeles County vs. Inland Empire
Where: Whittier College
When: Saturday, 7 p.m.

Rowland’s Brandon Stansell changed the momentum of the Hall of Fame game with his last second punt return to end the half, leading the East to victory. What will he do for an encore in the Fiesta?

Last year I made a big deal out of the Fiesta Bowl playing the same weekend as the Hall of Fame game because it watered down both games. This year was much better, having the games two weeks apart. this should be great, L.A. County vs the Inland Empire. My first thoughts are the I.E. should crush them, that is if you listen to the Scouting Guru. But the County team is legit, check out the rosters by clicking the thread. Locally for the County team, West Covina’s Albert Cid (OL), Bishop Amat’s Joseph Guerrero (OL), Los Altos’ Jorge Perez (DB), Rowland’s Brandon Stansell (RB/DB), Rosemead’s Tra Sumler (RB), and Duarte’s trio of
Durriae Williams (WR), Tim Starr (OL), and Desmond Hayes (DB) are all playing

Player Name Position Height Weight School

Richard Avitia OL —— —— Salesian
Demonte Bell WR —— —— Cathedral
Mark Bennett WR —— —— Santee
Donovan Blanco OL —— —— Locke
Alejandro Bobadilla DL —— —— San Gabriel
Darius Bratcher DB —— —— St.Paul
Matt Calver OL —— —— Monrovia
Myles Cambell DB —— —— Muir
Otilio Castillo OL —— —— South East
Albert Cid OL —— —— West Covina
Justin Clark WR —— —— Belmont
Nick Cruz DL —— —— Lakewood
Johnathan Davis WR —— —— Locke
Miguel Delarosa OL —— —— Bell
Lanny Delgado DB —— —— Garfield
Anthony Denham WR —— —— L.A.Wilson
Jesse Diaz QB —— —— Roosevelt
Saddan Diaz OL —— —— Santee
Guillermo Duran DL —— —— Whittier
Cesar Estrada OL —— —— Bell Gardens
Jerry Ford DL —— —— Paramount
Marcus Galan RB —— —— El Rancho
Kevin Garcia DB —— —— St.Paul
Luis Garcia DB —— —— St.Paul
Marcus Graves WR —— —— Muir
Lamonta Green QB —— —— Locke
Josepph Guerrero OL —— —— Bishop Amat
Jose Guillen RB —— —— Roosevelt
Jquan Hamilton DB —— —— Pasadena
Desmond Hayes DB —— —— Duarte
Willie Hernandez WR —— —— Franklin
Keith Holland RB —— —— Downey
Justin Infante DL —— —— Whittier
Josh Jones LB —— —— Muir
Gabriel Jordan DB —— —— Downey
Lavell Lincome DL —— —— L.B.Jordan
Chris Lopez OL —— —— St.Paul
Tani Maka LB —— —— L.B.Jordan
Tyree Mills WR —— —— Muir
Brandon Mims QB —— —— Palmdale
Mario Obando DL —— —— St.Paul
Osaige Odiase DL —— —— St.Paul
Rafael Ortega LB —— —— Roosevelt
Tevita Palu RB —— —— L.B.Jordan
Jorge Perez DB —— —— Los Altos
Raymond Pinedo DL —— —— Sante Fe
Carlos Portillo WR —— —— Marshall
Ricardo Ramirez LB —— —— Huntington Park
Cesar Roldan K —— —— El Rancho
Dayvon Ross WR —— —— Manual Arts
Cameron Sentance WR —— —— Marshall
Doug Soriano K —— —— El Rancho
Gabriel Soto LB —— —— Garfield
Brandon Stansall DB —— —— Rowland
Tim Starr OL —— —— Duarte
Trevize Strickland OL —— —— Dorsey
Tra Sumler LB —— —— Rosemead
Ruben Thomas WR —— —— Muir
Marcos Villalobos DL —— —— San Gabriel
Kindall Warren DL —— —— Dominguez
Kerronie White RB —— —— Locke
Durriae Williams WR —— —— Duarte
Ryan Willis DB —— —— L.B.Poly
Rian Younker DB —— —— St.Francis
Eric Zuniga DL El Rancho

Player Name Position Height Weight School
Quashawn Buckey DL/OL 6’4″ 285lbs Colony High School
GeShun Harris WR 5’11” 195lbs Centennial High School
Maurice Cox Inside LB/FB 6’1″ 230lbs J.W. North High School
Marquise Cox DB 6’0″ 180lbs J.W. High School
A.J. Johnson RB 5’10” 190lbs Chino Hills High School
Craig Payne TE/DE 6’2″ 290lbs Colony High School
Lyle Negron QB 6’2″ 210lbs Mierieta Valley High School
Trevon Ralph DB 5’9″ 165lbs A.B. Miller High School
Andrew Taylor Inside LB/QB 6’0″ 220lbs Chaparral High School
Jeff Cooper DB 5’10” 190lbs Cajon High School
Aaron Martyn LB 5’10” 211lbs Claremont High School
Adam Hollick LB 6’3″ 245lbs Centennial High School
Andre Myles OLB 6’1″ 190lbs Carter High School
Anthony Moxly OL 6’5″ 280lbs Carter High School
Ben Letcher OL 6’2″ 260lbs Centennial High School
Brock Morris OL 6’2″ 270lbs Redlands High School
Carl Spotuill DB/WR 5’10” 180lbs Mo Val High School
Carlton Walker QB/DB 6’2″ 195lbs Martin Luther King High School
Christian BoBo RB 5’10” 205lbs Canyon Springs High School
Corey Rozier RB 5’10” 180lbs Fontana High School
D.J. Jackson RB-UTIL 6’0″ 175lbs Carter High School
Darren Griffein OL 6’4″ 315lbs Cajon High School
Dennis Johnson OL 6’5″ 243lbs Murrieta High School
Desmond Newton HB 5’9″ 180lbs Ontario High School
Deveion Bauman RB/DB 5’11” 175lbs Chaffey High School
Donziel Collins OLB/SS 6’0″ 200lbs Mo Val High School
Dwayn Boyd LB 5’11” 223lbs Bloomington High School
Eric Johnson QB 5’10” 205lbs Bloomington High School
Ibe Nuduka DE 5’11” 215lbs Etiwanda High School
Ivan Moreno OL 6’5″ 230lbs Fontana High School
Jamar Calhoun QB/WR 6’1″ 200lbs JW North High School
Jeff Wright OL 6’4″ 280lbs Riverside Poly High School
Jerimiah Uti LB/DL 6’2″ 220lbs Fontana High School
Jermain Calhoun WR 6’0″ 180lbs JW North High School
John Reynolds DL 6’0″ 220lbs Chaparal High School
Johnathan Norton Ath 5’7″” 170lbs Mo Val High School
Jorden Bell DB 5’9″ 170lbs Colony High School
Jrdon Stip WR 6’1″ 190lbs Colony High School
Jose Flores G/DT 6’2″ 275lbs Ontario High School
Justin Meng LB 5’9″ 185lbs Upland High School
Kenny Breaux ILB 5’11” 195lbs Carter High School
Lester White FS 5’11” 190lbs JW North High School
Logan Laszczyk LB 5’11” 190lbs Chino Hills High School
Luther Evans DB/WR 5’10” 170lbs Riverside Poly High School
Mark Salaeze TE 6’2″ 225lbs Cajon High School
Marquis Boyd LB 6’1″ 232lbs Bloomington High School
Mark Salaeze TE 6’2″ 225lbs Cajon High School
Moises Carragan OL 6’2″ 290lbs Palm Springs High School
Nalik Davis LB 6’0″ 240lbs AB Miller High School
Nick Gonzalez OL 6’0″ 250lbs Colony High School
Omar Maraquin OL 6’2″ 260lbs Rancho Verde High School
Sam Tautolo DL 6’4″ 295lbs Valley View High School
Shane Sweeny OL 6’2″ 265lbs Chino Hills High School
Shane Ulloa K 5’10” 160lbs Upland High School
Spencer Penalton SS 6’0″ 180lbs JW North High School
Stevie Will WR 6’2″ 180lbs Martin Luther King High School
Stewart Heilsher DL 6’1″ 230lbs Murrieta Valley High School
Tren Mc Search DL 6’5″ 235lbs Palm Desert High School
Trent Wilder DT/DE 6’6″ 250lbs Palm Springs High School
Tyler Stirwalt QB 6’3″ 180lbs Aquainas High School
Will Prescott OL/LT 6’5″ 280lbs Martin Luther King High School
William Jefferson WR 5’11” 190lbs Vista Del Lago High School
Willie Mebane WR/DB 6’0″ 175lbs Etiwanda High School
Xavier Smith OL 6’1″ 260lbs Rancho Verde High School
Zach Stephens DB 5’9″ 180lbs Chaparal High School

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