Just Tribbin: Love him or hate him, Whitlock speaks out of his mind on Serena Williams

I don’t know what you do during the summer to keep busy, I’m constantly on Lakers blogs waiting for Lamar Odom to sign, watching the Dodgers and playing golf. Thursday I’m caddying for my cousin Carlos at Empire Lakes in a Golden State tour event, and next week I’m on vacation (don’t worry Stevie R., is here to update the blogs). On my way to work this morning I was listening to sports talk guys discussing FoxSports’ Jason Whitlock’s controversial column on Serena Williams, which was completely over the top and sexist, but that’s Whitlcok. He’s like a sports fans Howard Stern. If you thought T.J. Simers spoke his mind, he’s got nothing on this guy. The last time I read Whitlock, he was vilifying Dirk Nowitski’s ex-girlfriend. Love him or hate him, he’s an award-winning columnist who gets away with saying whatever he wants. Here is the latest from Whitlock on Steve McNair

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