….and on review, Federer is better than Tiger

I bet Tiger Woods, left, wasn’t smiling today, like he is seen here with Dodgers’ manager Joe Torre last year, after missing the cut for the British Open.

Well, I have to admit I didn’t see this coming. Not from Tiger Woods, a player who once went seven years without missing a cut, and who has only missed the weekend play of a major once _ failing to make the list at the 2006 U.S. Open, which was shortly after his father, Earl, had passed a way.
But maybe this settles the argument of a few weeks ago. Tiger Woods missing the cut at the British Open would be like Roger Federer losing in the first round of the Championships at Wimbledon, and we all know that would never happen.
My hat is off to you, sir Roger, and are good friend Andre Marshall.
Here’s the Associated Press story of Woods failing to make the cut.

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