An interesting study finds that high school football players’ injuries to the head and spine are more dangerous than in college football

The New York times posted a story a few days ago that says: The differences in height, weight and technique may make high school football tackles more risky to the head and spine than those that occur in college football, a new study shows. The report, published by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, analyzed the biomechanics of football tackles to better understand the high risk of concussions and serious cervical spine injuries faced by high school players.

But most important, the study showed that the average linear accelerations resulting from the impact of a high school football tackle exceeded those that occur at the college level. Impacts to the top of the head had the greatest speed and force. Among high school players, blows to the front of the helmet were about 10 percent more common and carried three more “Gs” of force compared to college players.

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