After a test run in Chicago, ESPN’s high school coverage is coming to Los Angeles. How will this threaten hometown newspapers?

ESPN is exapanding its high school coverage to Los Angeles, which poses a big threat to hometown newspapers: Not content with being a sports colossus with broadcasts in 200 countries, ESPN is taking aim at hometown sports coverage, threatening one of the last strongholds of local newspapers and television stations.

Said Randy Harvey of the Los Angeles Times: “It would be foolish to underestimate ESPN, but it comes down to resources. I don’t see them being able to replicate what we do.”

Fred’s Thoughts: The high school coverage in ESPN Chicago is very minimal at the moment, that page is mainly a general sports page of professional and college sports in Chicago. It is more threatening to the Los Angeles Times than us. Look at the high school link, it doesn’t offer much. However, if they get going, they do have the brand name. Here is the link: ESPN Chicago

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