Just Tribbin back to work

I feel like I need a vacation from the vacation. Playing golf in 115 degree temperatures in Palm Springs isn’t exactly the time off I had in mind, but it was good to be with the family and spend time by the pool. Don’t ask me what I shot, it was one of those weeks. Now it’s back to work and Lamar Odom is still unsigned, Tom Watson nearly pulled off one of the greatest underdog stories in sports, and I have an invitation to an Inter Milan-Chelsea reception tonight in Pasadena, and with all the great soccer players attending, I’m interested in meeting just one of the hosts, Alyssa Milano, so all tips on how to introduce myself are welcome … So fellas and ladies, what should we talk about in the prep world? In years past I would take three or four weeks off in July and start back in August. But in these economic times, those vacation hours have been cut short, so now I’m looking for stuff in the middle of the summer when all passing leagues are finished, and coaches and players are on vacation…In other words, we’re all just Tribbin, but if you suggest a blog topic, I will post it. Let’s see how creative you can be in the dog days of summer.

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