The CIF-Southern Section sets paramaters on live blogging of playoff and championship events

Click on this thread to review the CIF-Southern Section’s new policy for live blogging. We no longer can give detailed descriptions of playoff or championship events, but we are allowed to post updated scores…


Each Credential Holder (including television, Internet, new media, and print publications) has the privilege to blog during competition through the Credential Entity.
However, the blog may not produce in any form a “real-time” description of the event. Real-time is defined by the CIF-SS as a continuous play-by-play account or live, extended live/real-time statistics, or detailed description of an event. Live-video/digital images or live audio are not permitted.
Each of the aforementioned descriptions is exclusive to the CIF-SS Web site and/or any other Web site designated by the CIF-SS and its rights holders.
Periodic updates of scores, statistics or other brief descriptions of the competition throughout the event are acceptable.
Credential Holder agrees that the determination of whether a blog is posting a real-time description shall be in the CIF-SS’ sole discretion. If the CIF-SS deems that a Credential Holder is producing a real-time description of the contest, the CIF-SS reserves all actions against Credential Holder, including but not limited to the revocation of the credential.
If media intend to blog at a CIF-SS championship event, the media entity must indicate so through the credentialing process.
Any media entity posting a blog during a CIF-SS championship must submit a direct link to the blog to In return, all media entities entering a blog must post the CIF-SS logo/link on their site. All blogs must be free of charge to readers. All must adhere to the conditions and limitations of this CIF-SS Blogging Policy.
Video “blogging” of a CIF-SS event may not exceed more than 15 total minutes in duration and cannot include consecutive game action.
The CIF-SS and its designated championship personnel shall be the final authority on whether a Credential Holder or Credential Entity is following the CIF-SS Blogging Policy.

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