Set your TIVO’s for vintage Robledo Family Feud

Check this out, in 1989 I was on Family Feud and got a text this morning saying they’re showing the reruns on the game show network (Direct TV, channel 309) the rest of the week. The five-time champion Robledo Family will also be on Thursday and Friday at 7 a.m., so set your Tivo’s for the 21-year-old version of myself. Damn, that was half a life ago, 20 years already? I was working the Trib’s front counter in private party ads when the Family Feud called to place an ad asking for contestants. I told ’em where do we sign up, because I got the perfect five to blow them away at the audition. We had some of best answers in Family Feud history. They asked my Uncle Mike, name an animal that ruins a garden? He said “a cockroach.” They asked my late aunt Carmen to name a time when people use candles? She said, “6 o’clock.” Good Times.

A few years ago I was also on the “Jamie Kennedy Experiment” pulling a prank at Brookside Golf course on my friend Tom and cousin Dan. I’m in the red shirt dancing at the end of the clip.

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