Calling in results to the Tribune

High School football began last week, but girls volleyball, cross country, boys water polo, girls golf and girls tennis begin on Thursday. To all coaches and scorekeepers, if you want your results posted in the newspaper call 626-962-8811, Ext. 2242 or 2233. If you choose to email, send all results to, and leave a CONTACT name and number in case we have questions. You will need to provide us with results from both teams, and it must include first and last names, and records of both teams.

Noteworthy: Every year I get calls from parents wondering why certain schools and sports scores are always in the newspaper, and others are left out. It’s very simple, we obviously can’t send reporters to most of these events, so we rely on coaches and volunteers of the programs to phone/email in results. Those that do it religiously are in the paper after every contest, those that don’t, and some never call in all season, are obviously never in the paper and much harder for us as a staff to follow and know what’s going on. Since phone lines are typically busy, you’re encouraged to email.

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