Transfers at all-time high, the question is, why?

According to an LA Times report, the CIF-Southern Section is reporting a record number of transfers. Section spokesman Thom Simmons told the LA Times that from Aug. 1 to Sept. 15, the section processed 670 transfers, 149 hardship, 76 foreign exchange and 364 valid chance of residence, for a grand total of 1,259. Simmons went on to explain why he felt transfers are at an all-time high, telling the Times that the economy and new rule that allows one-time transfers for sophomores are at the top of the list. Families paying thousands of dollars for their kids travel ball, club teams and personal instructors also plays a huge role, because if parents aren’t satisfied with their kids high school sports experience, they will change high schools like a travel team.

Seriously, don’t you wonder how many of these 1,259 transfers are “athletically motivated,” or how CIF can possibly police them all and do justice for everyone so there is a level playing field across the board? They can’t, it’s impossible, which is why I always have said that if a kid transfers, is accepted, is making the grades and has no disciplinary issues, then CIF should get out of the way and let them participate in sports. This is between parents, children and the school they choose to go to. Why is it that in any other extra curricular activity, you can transfer from school to school and participate, whether it’s cheerleading or the chess club? Why are sports any different? If you’re athletically motivated, you’re forced to become academically motivated too. Sports are a deterrent to other activities that might otherwise get you in trouble if sports were not available, why would you want to take that away? Why would you want to take scholarship opportunities away? I’m not saying you don’t punish schools for blatant recruiting, or have restrictions for kids that want to transfer two or three times in the same school year. But I don’t get the “athletically motivated,” rule, because athletic motivation is what keeps a lot of kids in high school in the first place.

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