Bishop Amat has filed transfer paperwork on Gonzalez; a decision could take up to two weeks

As you know by now, former Glendora receiver Wallace Gonzalez has enrolled at Bishop Amat, and the school has moved quickly in filing a hardship request to CIF for him to become eligible. The forms were filed on Monday, but CIF spokesperson Thom Simmons said it could take up to two weeks before a ruling is made. For those wondering what his chances of becoming eligible are, read what Mr. Rules himself, Joe Amat, wrote on a recent thread by clicking this thread….

Joe Amat wrote: Wallace’s paperwork is in at the CIF office and the decision is in their hands and pending .

Remember CIF is more concerned with why you chose the new school than with why you left the previous school…. unless withdrawal is listed as a discipline issue – which this wasn’t. How paperwork from GHS is handled is crucial and that is, and should remain, confidential.

What he does have going for him is his sister already being at Amat makes it the most legitimate choice of schools for a non-athletic reasons. If their Hardship Waiver is granted it needs to be determined that the hardship was “an unforeseeable, unavoidable and uncorrectable act, condition or event that causes the imposition of a severe and non-athletic burden upon the student or his/her family.” As in any case – how the evidence is initially presented is of utmost importance. It is a tough hill to climb, although there are a few particular reasons for requests that seem rubber stamped more often than others.

But even if the waiver is granted, I don’t forsee him contributing for a few weeks… of course we do have a few weeks before our first league game. His size certainly gives him an advantage at tight end/receiver and we could go to some double tight formations with him and Tierney that would make us versatile. A big target like that sure creates other options that we could use in the red-zone that may have made things easier in those situations than it was against St Bonaventure.

For the kids sake, I hope it all works out… It will be good for him

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