San Antonio League prediction: West Covina is the “real” favorite; 1 vs. 2 will likely settle No. 3

Above: They get excited at West Covina, check out the vertical leap by one of the Bulldogs’ coaches.

Is there a more competitive race in the Valley that what will go down in the San Antonio League with two undefeated teams, Rowland (5-0) and Walnut (5-0), No. 1 and 2 respectively in the Southeast, along with who I believe are the real two favorites, No. 4 South Hills (3-2) and unranked West Covina (3-3)? If you’re really going to dissect this and pick a winner, forget the Huskies and Bulldogs’ losses, look at their quality wins. South Hills beat Ayala, a team that is 4-1 and a better win than anything Rowland and Walnut has done. West Covina’s win is even bigger, beating Glendora, a team that just beat El Dorado and has played everyone on their schedule close. With West Covina as close to healthy as they have been since week one, they’re good enough to beat South Hills on Friday. However, a decision on Jordan and Jamie Canada’s status for the Huskies could come this week, and if they both become eligible, I’m switching gears and taking the Huskies. Stay tuned. Rowland and Walnut still have a lot to prove, and though this is 1 vs. 2, I really believe this is for third place and the final playoff spot. What a shame that with four great teams, one has to go.
San Antonio Prediction: 1. West Covina, 2. South Hills, 3. Rowland, 4. Walnut, 5. Nogales.

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