Monrovia’s No. 1, but is that the No. 1 spot?

Above:That’s right I said it.

There is a discussion on the Star-News blog about Monrovia being in the best shape to win its first championship after like, seven or eight finals trips. I’m sorry to say it, but they’re not getting to the finals.

Mid-Valley rankings 1. Monrovia, 2. San Dimas, 3. Azusa, 4. Baldwin Park, 5. Paraclete, 6. San Marino, 7. Village Christian, 8. Arroyo, 9. Gladstone, 10. La Puente.

Message to Monrovia: I post these rankings to show the championship is going to be San Dimas and Paraclete. Sorry MTown, Paraclete is a different animal and its a shame that because they lost to some very tough teams, they will probably get the No. 4 seed when the playoffs start, which means they will knock off No. 1 Monrovia in the semis. I’m guessing No. 2 San Dimas will beat Baldwin Park for the VVL title, knocking Baldwin Park behind Paraclete, and moving Paraclete to No. 4. There is no way Azusa is losing to anyone in the Montview, so they’re locked in at No. 3. Just as San Dimas and Northview found out last year, the rankings can work against you. Monrovia should play someone like Azusa in the semis, but with Paraclete looming at No. 4, I’m afraid they won’t get to stop San Dimas again, Paraclete will.

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