Bracketology: The Scouting Guru breaks down the playoff picture in Southeast and Mid-Valley

The Scouting Guru has been all over the San Gabriel Valley and beyond, and like always, he’s offered to share his thoughts, free of charge. Don’t hate, enjoy it for what it’s worth, which is one man’s opinion on the talent and teams in the San Gabriel Valley and surrounding areas.

Guru Says: Well, this is my favorite time of year. We are watching tons of film for 2010 prospects. But more than that, it’s close to playoff time – which means it’s time for a little bracketology for the playoffs. Let’s dive into it.
First, what needs to be understood is the protocol directly from the CIF-SS Handbook that is online at “The initial step is to designate four teams (maximum) as seeds, with No. 1 and No. 4 placed in the top bracket, and No. 2 and 3 in the bottom bracket (see Diagram 1). An exception to this procedure would be if seeds in the same half of the bracket are from the same league……Is it possible to designate more than four seeds? The task would be virtually impossible on two counts. Attempting to delineate which team is the No. 7 seed, as opposed to No. 8, or No. 12 rather than No. 13, would result in 25 different answers by 25 different people. Additionally, an attempt at a “true seed” would be in opposition to the CIF-SS Constitution and By-laws, which specify a league’s designated No. 1 entry shall meet a No. 3 entry, and a No. 2 shall meet another No. 2, where the draw provides for same in the opening round.”

So now that you have that figured out…let’s take a look at the two Divisions in the East San Gabriel Valley and see what just might happen.

Almont –– Schurr takes on San Gabriel for the league championship Friday night. Winner gets a home game for the first round. Looks like Bell Gardens will make the playoffs safely.
Del Rio — For what seems like the 50th year in a row (just kidding of course) California will be playing Santa Fe for the league championship Friday night. What’s a bit different is that Santa Fe has defeated San Clemente but lost to La Serna? Right now, California is in first place coming into the game going undefeated in league play. La Serna looks like their in prime position for the other playoff spot from the league if they can defeat El Rancho Thursday night.
Miramonte – One thing seems certain, Charter Oak will win out in the league and will garner the top-seed in the Division. It also seems a bit certain that Diamond Ranch will be the second place team from the league (if they defeat Los Altos this Friday night) and it looks as if Bonita will be the third place team from the league. No drama here if everything goes to hoyle these next two weeks.
Pacific — Now it gets very interesting a bit confusing for the average fan. First off, Burbank is ranked third in the latest CIF Poll that was released on Monday. If they win out the next two weeks (including a big game against Burroughs next Friday night), they will hold on to their spot as league champs and will be the three seed in the division. Crescenta Valley is ranked fourth and if they run the table this week (including a huge game against Burroughs this Friday night) they will garner the four seed in the Division. One thing that is very interesting is that Burroughs is tied with Burbank for first place in the division. They can cause a seismic eruption in the bracket process if they run the table and win league. Remember, Burroughs is ranked 10th in the latest CIF poll. The other drama being played out is the battle for the final playoff spot in the league. If all goes to hoyle, Muir and Pasadena will not only play for bragging rights to the city of Pasadena next Friday night at the Rose Bowl but they will also play for the final automatic spot in the playoffs.
San Antonio — Well, it’s pretty easy. If South Hills runs the table the next two weeks they not only win league, but they will also will garner the second seed in the division. If SH runs the table – that means West Covina finishes second and Rowland will finish third (that is if Rowland defeats Nogales this Friday night). It all seems cut and try if South Hills does its job. But Husky fans remember that all SH had to do last year was win West Covina and they would have had a high seed and a home game in the first round. And you all know what happened that night?

Now that you have been explained what’s going on in the league’s, you can see that there is a lot that has to be determined. But for argument sake, let’s say that these are the seeds that play out.

1) Charter Oak
2) South Hills
3) Burbank
4) Cresecenta Valley

That means that there are two teams from the same league that are seeded. That just means you have to jumble brackets – which means someone might be unhappy. Well, here is what we have projected going into Friday night….

(1) Charter Oak (Miramonte 1)
La Serna (Del Rio 3)

(Winner of Schurr v. San Gabriel) (Almont 1)
Burbank Burroughs (Pacific 3)

(Winner of Cal vs. Santa Fe) (Del Rio 1)
Bell Gardens (Almont 3)

(4) Crescenta Valley (Pacific 2)

West Covina (San Antonio 2)


(3) Burbank (Pacific 1)
Bonita (Miramonte 3)

(Loser of Schurr vs. San Gabriel) (Almont 2)
Rowland (San Antonio 3)

(Loser of California/Santa Fe) (Del Rio 2)
Diamond Ranch (Miramonte 2)

(2) South Hills (San Antonio 1)
(Winner of Pasadena v. Muir) (Pacific 4)


Mission Valley — Arroyo looks like there are projected league champs. But there is a three way tie for second between Rosemead, South El Monte and Gabrielino at 2-1. SEM takes on Gabrielino on Friday night with a playoff birth at stake.
Montview — This league has four births available for the playoffs. Azusa is in control on the league and if they win out, they will be the third seed in the division. Gladstone and La Puente are 3-1 entering the week and they will play each other for second place next Friday night. Workman looks to have the inside track on the fourth and final spot in the division.
Olympic — Paraclete is control of the league and will play for the league title next Friday night against Valley Christian. If they win, they not win the league, but could also garner the fourth seed in the Division. Look for Valley Christian to be second and Village Christian to be the third place team in the league.
Rio Hondo League — Looking for the top seed in the Division. This is the team. If the Wildcats run the table the next two weeks, the win the league and garner the top. Temple City, La Canada and San Marino are battling for the second place spot in the league. I’ll project Temple City and La Canada making it into the show.
Valle Vista — Comes down to this. The winner of the San Dimas vs. Baldwin Park game next Friday night not only win the league title, but garners a seed in the Division. Meanwhile there is a three battle for third place in the league between Covina, Pomona and Ganesha. We project Covina being the third place team.

As you can see, it’s a mess. But let’s project the four seeded teams as the following

1) Monrovia
2) San Dimas
3) Azusa
4) Paraclete

So, this becomes a lot simpler with the protocol that CIF-SS has to follow…..


(1) Monrovia (Rio Hondo 1)
(Third Place from Mission Valley) (Mission Valley 3)

(Winner of La Puente/Gladstone) (Montview 2)
Baldwin Park (Valle Vista 2)

Arroyo (Mission Valley 1)
(Third Place from Rio Hondo) (Rio Hondo 3)

(4) Paraclete (Olympic 1)
Gladstone/Sierra Vista (Montview 3)


3) Azusa (Montview 1)
Village Christian (Olympic 3)

(Second Place from Mission Valley) (Mission Valley 2)
Covina (Valle Vista 3)

Valley Christian (Olympic 2)
(Second Place from Rio Hondo) (Rio Hondo 2)

(2) San Dimas (Valle Vista 1)
Workman/Sierra Vista (Montview 4)

Hopefully things will come into light after this weeks games. Have a good week.

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