Central Division predictions: It’s going to be Rancho Cucamonga again, beating surprise finalist Damien in the finals; Glendora out in round 1

Note: Pac-5 Division on Tuesday.

Fred’s explanation: I’m going to take a lot of slack for this and will hear all the homer protesters, but why not a Damien-Rancho Cucamonga rematch in the championship? From 1-16, this is a wide open division, so I look at the matchups. Damien will have its hands full in the first round, but if they get past Upland, facing Colony and potentially Elsinore, Etiwanda or Chino Hills down the line are all winnable games. I look at how well teams are playing now, not in September, and the Spartans have allowed just ten points in their final four wins. Glendora has an awful matchup, Rancho Cucamonga is still the best team in the division, despite two losses, one by three points, the other in overtime. I would have liked Glendora’s chances with a healthy Andre Holmes, but to get Rancho followed by the top seed is a lot to ask, which is why I have their season ending early.

Central Division Predictions
Top Seeds: 1. Colton (9-1), 2. Colony (9-1), 3. Elinore (8-2), 4. Los Osos (6-4).
Unseeded Sleepers: Glendora, Damien, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland.

Central Division:
Top Bracket

Don Lugo 6-4 (Mt. Baldy 3) at No. 1 Colton 9-1 (San Andreas 1)
Rancho Cucamonga 8-2 (Baseline 3) at Glendora 7-3 (Sierra 2)
Chaffey 6-4 (Mt. Baldy 2) at West Valley 6-4 (Sunbelt 2)
Arroyo Valley 7-3 (San Andreas 3) at No. 4 Los Osos 6-4 (Baseline 1)
Bottom Bracket
Chino Hills 8-2 (Sierra 3) at No. 4 Elsinore 8-2 (Sunbelt 1)
Cajon 7-3 (San Andreas 2) at 7-3 Etiwanda (Baseline 2)
Upland 8-2 (Baseline at-large) at Damien 5-5 (Sierra 1)
Paloma Valley 6-4 (Sunbelt 3) at No. 2 Colony 9-1 (Mt. Baldy 1)

Top Bracket
Rancho Cucamonga vs. Colton
Los Osos vs. West Valley
Bottom Bracket
Etiwanda vs. Elsinore
Colony vs. Damien

Rancho Cucamonga vs. Los Osos
Elsinore vs. Damien

Rancho Cucamonga over Damien

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