Southeast Predictions: Before they’re forced to the Sierra League, Charter Oak and South Hills will meet for another championship, Huskies win

Fred’s explanation: For those other Valley teams, principals and athletic directors who desperately voted Charter Oak and South Hills into a tougher league and division next year, we certainly understand why. Before the Southeast gets watered down next year, you know what to expect, don’t you? Charter Oak could have tough tests along the way against West Covina, California or Burbank, but who’s going to stop them, really? South Hills could have trouble against Santa Fe, Diamond Ranch or perhaps Schurr, but do you really believe they will lose to any of them? This is the final I have been waiting for, not because I’m playing favorites, these are the two best teams, period. I want to witness South Hills’ defense vs. Charter Oak’s offense. Bogan vs. Farrar. The two best teams in the Division playing their best football entering the playoffs. And when they meet, yes, South Hills is going to pull it off. They have been through more adversity, especially in regards to the Canada situation, people telling them they can’t win it all without him. They have a bigger chip on their shoulder. Charter’s Oak’s bread and butter is Adam Muema, but the Huskies have the dogs up front to contain him, and there is no Chris Allen to will the Chargers down the field this time. It’s going to be great, and yes, Charter Oak is and should be the favorite, I don’t dispute that, they’re as good as advertised and have an incredible coaching staff from top to bottom. But the best team doesn’t always win, sometimes when the talent is this close, hunger wins out, and I can’t see how the Chargers are hungrier than the Huskies in what will be another San Gabriel Valley classic for the history books.

Southeast Predictions
Top Seeds: 1. Charter Oak (9-1), 2. South Hills (8-2), 3. Schurr (8-1-1), 4. Burbank (8-2).
Unseeded Sleepers: West Covina, Diamond Ranch, California, Santa Fe

Top Bracket
Muir 4-6 (Pacific 4) at Charter Oak 9-1 (Miramonte 1)
San Gabriel 6-4 (Almont 2) at West Covina 6-4 (San Antonio 2)
Rowland 8-2 (San Antonio 3) at California 7-2-1 (Del Rio 1)
Alhambra 6-3 (Almont 3) at Burbank 8-2 (Pacific 1)
Bottom Bracket
El Rancho 5-5 (Del Rio 3) at Schurr 8-1-1 (Almont 1)
Diamond Ranch 4-6 (Miramonte 3) at Burroughs 7-3 (Pacific 2)
Crescenta Valley 7-3 (Pacific 3) at Santa Fe 7-3 (Del Rio 2)
Bonita 3-7 (Miramonte 3) at South Hills 8-2 (San Antonio 1)

Top Bracket

West Covina vs. Charter Oak
California vs. Burbank
Bottom Bracket
Schurr vs. Diamond Ranch
Santa Fe vs. South Hills
Charter Oak vs. California
Diamond Ranch vs. South Hills
South Hills over Charter Oak

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