Sunday Tribbin: Just wondering; South Hills and Charter Oak, Overconfident or Overrated?

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Bishop Amat’s victory over Mater Dei wasn’t the talk of the office on Friday, it was the near-gigantic upsets of Charter Oak and South Hills, the top two teams respectively in the Southeast Division after ripping through league like it was just a formality before a long November run. South Hills didn’t have quarterback Jacob Shirley because of an injury, which kind of explains the close call against Bonita, but how do they blow a 21-0 point lead with that defense, needing a late touchdown to pull out a 28-21 victory. Charter Oak was even more shocking, giving up a dramatic 30-yard touchdown with four seconds left, then stuffing a two-point conversion that would have knocked them from the playoffs for good. To answer the question, overconfident or overrated, I would have to lean toward overconfidence, simply because people like me pump these teams up so much, that you forget that teams like Bonita and Muir might just get ticked off enough to lay it like they haven’t all year. When everyone’s penciling you in the championship, you just want to get the first round over with, so emotions are not always what they should be. Overrated? No way, not with their body of work and how easily they dismantled other area teams, some of whom are still alive. It might just be a wake-up call, and the best thing to ever happen to them. How often do teams that win championships survive scares along the way? South Hills is more questionable because of their quarterback situation, but I stand by my prediction that these two will meet in the finals.

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