Sierra League knows how to schedule, Charter Oak and South Hills meet in week 10 next fall

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  • DRanchhhh

    Co and SH….

    Come on, have them schedule BA. South Hills cant compete with Charter Oak. I am not impressed!!



    you never dissapoint and your blogs are always a complete “fail”. What Fred is trying to say is that the Sierra league championship will hopefully come down to Charter Oak and South Hills to determine the # 1 seed out of the Sierra. We all want to see BA vs SH and CO, it doesn’t look like it will happen this year. Rememeber SH and CO have been moved into the same league…

  • AMAT 73

    Hey Fred where does Damien fall in the schedule against CO & SH.

  • just askin’

    ya think Damien and Chino Hills will have something to say about that?


    Fred J and all Bloggers,

    Did I just hear the governator say that parents will be able to take their kids out of the school or school district due to low educations standards??? Parents would be able to bypass the the system and be able to put there kids at whatever school or school district they would like if their current school has low testing etc??? This would make it hard for CIF to police High School sports!

  • i was a bonita player this year and played both and all i got 2 say is charter oak is on a diffrent level then south hills

  • How about inviting La Habra to the party?

  • party crasher

    that’s a party South Hills doesn’t want them invited to. LH has spanked the Huskies 4 years running

  • Dan

    Just askin,
    I agree, they may play each other in week 10 but with Chino Hills, Damien,& Ayala in there chances are it won’t be for the league title.
    Party crasher,
    La Habra would be a better fit for the new Sierra than the league they are in now, I think La Habra would have won this new Sierra for the past three years, with maybe the exception of last years CO team.

  • kurmugin

    Can we put that news bit in the Tease Column? How about all the other teams and their schedules? Does your world end with CO, SH, and BA? By that time next year, maybe they’ll be playing for tiddles, not titles. You know, illness, injuries, eligibility issues, unexpectedly tough competition, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods. We can only hope some gritty, gutsy underdog steals the whole show. Make all you experts and overly intense, foul mouthed fans eat some humble pie. If that’s possible.

  • A Nonny Mouse

    “The Sierra League Knows how to schedule”

    Fred, it’s a coincidence. Charter Oak and South Hills are replacing two of Diamond Bar, Chino, and Glendora, and ended up scheduled with the two of those teams that played in week 6 or week 9 (I forget which way it rotates) last season.

  • Sierra Leaguer

    CO & SH have no idea what they are in for. The leagues they are leaving are jokes compared to the SL. In FB & baseball the SL is the toughest league in the SGV. Hell, in baseball it may be the toughest league in So Cal. Co & SH are in for a surprise. They are gonna have to bring it everygame. There are no patsies. Welcome to SL

  • TB

    Sucks that Glendora doesn’t get to go against all these cross town rivals in league play how great would those matchups be between Glendora, Charter Oak, South Hills, and Damien. Talk about packed stadiums.

  • Joe Amat

    Add Diamond Ranch to that group of Glendora, Charter Oak, South Hills, and Damien and you woulda had a heckuva good local league.

  • COChargerfan

    Hey Sierra Leaguer…is that the new or old Sierra league that you are talking about…because 3 of the 6 teams have changed? And, apparently you aren’t aware that CO has played a pre-season football game with Damien for like the past 8 years and they also usually scrimmage against each other in pre-season baseball, CO also scrimmages in baseball with Claremont and we sometimes cross paths in the pre-season with Damien and of the Chino basketball teams…so exactly where’s the surprise???

    It is too bad that the educator/idiots that oversee leaguing were too blind to see the obvious…putting Glendora in the Sierra instead of Chino Hills would have created incredible fan interest for the SGV residents.

  • co

    35-0 … lmao

  • Sierra Leaguer

    CO Fan,

    The surprise comes in the weekly battles. Playing a preseason here and there does not compare to the weekly challenge of playing quality competition. U r right! I forgot about Claremont. They will be the doormat of the league.

  • You should get out more

    Sierra Leaguer, get over yourself. You essentially had three teams worth anything over the past five years. Glendora & Chino Hills and 1/2 of Ayala and Damien to make the third.

    Chino Hills in Football, Basketball, Baseball
    Glendora in Football , Basketball, Baseball
    Damien in Football and Soccer
    Ayala one good season in five years has been on the down in everything else
    Diamond Bar was even more down in all sports except maybe baseball and even there, there are issues
    Chino was aweful in everything across the board after Monger left

    Is that the dominant league your speak of. How many playoff wins has the Sierra League had in all Sports combined after Chino Hills and Glendora basketball teams over the past five years?

    The Sierra League will be better with CO and SH but it isn’t top shelf by a long shot. Sorry, you should get out more.

  • Born and Raised SGV

    This just in….

    Week 0 Covina at West Covina.

    Covina is no longer the group of Soph’s that can play with the big dogs. They will become the juniors with solid experience; very similar to McD’s group however I think our talents are much more spread out more than that group.

    Stay true to the shoe!

  • Bob

    Can anyone give me a list of the open High School Head Football coaching jobs in the area???

  • Dan

    Born and Raised in SGV,
    Is the Covina vs West Covina a done deal?
    Because the last I heard is that West Covina
    had made calls to Charter Oak and St. Bonnies
    for week 0 games because both of those schools were open on that week. My guess is that St. Bonnies may have wanted a higher profile school
    than WC for state playoff strength of schedule reasons, but I was hopeing that CO would have wanted to schedule us because the next couple of years would have been good matchups, maybe CO is looking for a Pac 5 or some other high profile type of team too. West Covina also called St. Paul and Esparranza but I think there were conflicts with those teams needing home games and WC needing a home game for the same week.
    Covina vs West Covina could be a good matchup for the next couple of years because I remember hearing that the Colts have had some strong lower classes in recent years and I know they were loaded with a lot of JR’s and Soph’s on varsity this past season. I don’t know if these two teams have ever played each other, I know they haven’t in the past decade.